Great Lakes Rehabilitation is truly a unique and special addiction rehabilitation center and program. This is a rehab center that applies an approach to addiction treatment that is totally its own, and that no other center is quite doing. Great Lakes Rehabilitation manufactured its own approach to treatment based off of close study of addiction and rehabilitation and on a fair amount of experience on the parts of the founders of the rehab center with addiction itself and all that it entails.

The staff at Great Lakes Rehabilitation believe that the backbone of any rehab center and what really makes or breaks an addict’s recovery and what really solidifies a recovering addict’s sobriety at any rehab program is the staff members and the individuals who run that rehab center and keep it flowing and delivering exponentially phenomenal results. The staff members of any rehab center are the lifeblood of any rehab center, and this is the key to the success of any rehab program really. The groups at Great Lakes Rehabilitation consider their staff to be the best of the best in addiction treatment.

A rehab center could have the best facility imaginable in the best location and with the best amenities out there and be the most luxurious center on the planet but if the staff is not very:

  • Skilled
  • Experienced
  • Works well together

Then, the overall success and vitality and accomplishment of the rehab center will dwindle. In fact, even if a rehab center has a strong, hard-hitting, well put together, quality treatment program then the results will be poor if the implementation of such a program is off thanks to the staff’s errors.

What Sets Great Lakes Rehabilitation Apart

At Great Lakes Rehabilitation, the group prides themselves on two key areas in which they excel above and beyond the average rehab center. These are:

Their Staff.

As mentioned above, the staff at Great Lakes Rehabilitation are highly trained and highly qualified. They have succeeded in putting together a team of the most loving, compassionate, understanding, educated, experienced, and skilled rehabilitative staff out there. From their cooks to their counselors, from their security guards to their case managers, to their detox specialists to their therapists, the staff at Great Lakes Rehabilitation is one of a kind and they are proud of that. They feel as though any client will get the best services imaginable because those delivering those services are top notch people in general with the clients’ best interests at heart.

Their Program.

The program itself at Great Lakes Rehabilitation will be remembered by those who take it for the rest of their lives. Great Lakes Rehabilitation is not a cookie cutter rehab center. They provide results. They do not operate off of a, “one size fits all”, approach to addiction treatment. They offer a multitude of different successes and approaches to addiction treatment, all of which have so far shown an impressive amount of success in this field. The fact of the matter is that their program is a tailor-made, customizable approach to addiction treatment. They believe that though addiction might look the same from the exterior perspective of those who are looking at the lives of addicts there, they believe and they know otherwise. Every single addict struggles with addiction in a different way, and they know that. With that in mind, how can a single approach to addiction be at all beneficial or at all workable? The staff at Great Lakes Rehabilitation know that addicts need approaches that can be perfectly aligned to meet their needs for how exactly they will be rehabilitated.

Not a lot of people understand this but some approaches to addiction treatment will work great on one drug or alcohol user but not so great on another addict. Some addicts respond well to some approaches and some do not. It just depends on the person. At Great Lakes Rehabilitation, their method is to offer a couple dozen different methods of addressing addiction, and once their clients are detoxed and ready to start rehab, they can sit down with them and put together a course of activities and methods of address that will be effective and beneficial for the clients and workable for them too.

Addictions that Great Lakes Rehabilitation Treats

The staff at Great Lakes Rehabilitation consider themselves incredibly competent at addressing any kind of addiction from intensive heroin addiction to gambling addiction. They can help people who are addicted to legal substances like prescription pills and alcohol. They can help people who are addicted to things that do not involve a substance like gambling addiction, sex addiction, and internet addiction. They can address any kind of addiction including heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, crack addiction, marijuana addiction, pill addiction, alcohol addiction, speed addiction Ecstasy addiction, LSD addiction, synthetic drug addiction, and many others.

Just for an example of a few of the crisis problems that Great Lakes Rehabilitation can address:

Meth Addiction.

This one is a tough one in the nation today, especially amongst the nation’s youth. The staff at Great Lakes Rehabilitation can address meth addiction because they are not only able to help such individuals in cracking down on the physical dependence problem that embodies meth but the staff can also help those who are addicted to the drug to find the reason why they started abusing the drug in the first place.

Opiate Addiction.

Except for alcohol, this is the most concerning one in the nation right now. For example, the consequences of this abuse of opiates that we have been experiencing today have been devastating and are on the rise and in a big way too. Great Lakes Rehabilitation has an extensive and involved detox program for opiate addiction plus a very thorough, multifaceted approach at addressing the mental and psychological aspects of the addiction itself.

Alcohol Addiction.

This one really takes the cake in the nation today and is easily the most concerning addiction problem currently. The approach to addressing alcohol addiction at Great Lakes Rehabilitation involves first detoxing the client thoroughly. Once this is done, a wide plethora of counseling and therapy can be applied to get to the bottom of the addiction and to get rid of it for good.

Cocaine Addiction.

This is a drug that is making a big comeback in the nation today, and Great Lakes Rehabilitation is prepared for it. Cocaine has been labeled the most addictive drug in the world and not without good reason too. This truly is a hugely addictive drug. The approach to cocaine addiction at Great Lakes Rehabilitation includes a strong emphasis on counseling, therapy, finding and handling underlying issues, and addressing triggers and impulses.

Great Lakes Rehabilitation: Fully Certified and Fully Effective

Great Lakes Rehabilitation is fully accredited by CARF. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an international, non-profit organization founded in 1966 with the assistance of Mary E. Switzer (she was the then U.S. Social and Rehabilitation Services Commissioner). The purpose of this organization is to ensure that rehab centers meet the requirements that state and federal law both require that rehab centers follow. Great Lakes Rehabilitation is accredited, recognized, and appreciated in Michigan and across the nation. This rehab center has the experience, the tools, the length of time of program, the methods, the varieties, and the precision and the excellence that it needs to have to essentially help those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to beat their substance habit once and for all.