Choices Recovery is an exemplary rehab center that fully understands the need for effective, lasting, and permanent addiction treatment for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse of one kind or another. Regardless of the substance being abused, how long it has been abused for, and regardless of who has been abusing it, anyone who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol absolutely needs to be rehabilitated if they are going to have an effective and permanent recovery.

At Choices Recovery, their approach is a unique one to say the least. The program at their center has a philosophy that is aimed to basically offer choices in the overall recovery process by delivering well over a dozen treatment modalities with the goal being to reverse the physical and emotional damages of addiction and to allow patients to enjoy productive, happy, drug-free lives. Choices has discovered that there is nothing all too effective about forcing clients through a supposedly, “one size fits all”, type of program. These do not work for everyone. At Choices Recovery, their clients are given options and different routes that they can take in their quest for sobriety.

A Successful Approach to Addiction Treatment

As their very name suggests to their clients, Choices Recovery is a customizable, results-based and evidence-based treatment program. The whole focus of Choices Recovery is to effectively deliver to individuals a treatment program that is fit to them and to them specifically. These are by far the most successful mindsets of actual addiction recovery, and their success rates are very high because they help people and treat them as individual persons with individual needs and wants, not by throwing them all into a cookie-cutter approach to treatment.

Choices Recovery specializes in treating multiple different kinds of addictions. They are fully equipped to address behavioral health, addiction, co-dependence, chemical dependence, and many other kind of addiction-related issues and problems. Just some of the crisis issues they can address are:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Opioids (like heroin)
  • Prescription drugs (sedatives, hypnotics, or anxiolytics like sleeping pills and tranquilizers)
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis (marijuana)
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Crack cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Spice
  • K2
  • Hallucinogens
  • Inhalants
  • Phencyclidine (known as PCP or Angel Dust)
  • Meth
  • Other unspecified drug substances
  • Intermittent explosive disorder (compulsive aggressive and assaultive acts)
  • Kleptomania (compulsive stealing)
  • Pyromania (compulsive setting of fires)
  • Gambling
  • Food (eating)
  • Sex
  • Pornography (attaining, viewing)
  • Using computers / the internet
  • Playing video games
  • Working
  • Exercising
  • Spiritual obsession (as opposed to religious devotion)
  • Pain (seeking)
  • Cutting
  • Shopping

A Fully Outfitted and Certified Treatment Center

Choices Recovery is a firm believer that the more types and methods of addiction approach that a rehab center delivers the higher the chances are that the center will be able to provide effective treatment for all of their clients. No two addicts are the same, and no two addiction problems are the same. For this reason, one treatment schedule might work great for Joe, but might have little effectiveness for Bill. This is why Choices Recovery has included several treatment approaches so that their clients can receive treatment that will help them. Their clients are advised by their case managers to pick and choose from over a dozen treatment options to custom build their own treatment program, and in doing so an effective schedule and plan is put together for each and every individual client who comes to Choices Recovery for help with their addictions.

At Choices Recovery, they combine holistic, traditional, and faith-based approaches. They also offer a SMART Recovery participation option as well as individual and group counseling, some of it gender-specific if it’s wanted. They have group therapy too which focuses on topics including relationships, health, employment, finances, and families. They have one on one counseling too, which revolves around each individual’s addiction crisis and getting down to the bottom of it and finding the root cause of it. Furthermore, the treatment at Choices Recovery also aims to foster good communication skills and to create a strong sense of responsibility in their clients, and to fix crooked thinking through discussions of current affairs that each and every client has in his or her life. This combination of creating communication skills, raising responsibility, and addressing crooked thinking quite literally changes people and not only rehabilitates them from addiction but also from being problems to society in general.

Choices Recovery doesn’t stop there either. They have other approaches too. For those clients of theirs who want to follow the traditional, 12-step program they can offer that too and they are quite proficient in that area. As a rehab center they offer an alternative approach to the traditional twelve-step approach, but they also recognize that the twelve step approach has been around for decades and is a successful approach and should not be denied to people if they want to engage in it. Choices Recovery also offers a Christian treatment track that includes Bible study and teachings from ordained pastors and ministers too.

At Choices Recovery they also make a big, big focus on the focus of increasing actual life skills is their clients. This includes things like G.E.D preparation, (where appropriate), plus education on topics such as financial planning, how to get a job, how to pick one’s friends, nutrition, and family education as well just to name a few. These all help the clients survive better in life after rehab.

Choices Recovery stands proudly as being a fully accredited and exceptional recovery center. Choices Recovery is also fully certified through the State of Indiana and they hold credentials through CARF. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF), is an international, non-profit organization founded in the year of 1966 with the assistance of Mary E. Switzer, (who was the then U.S. Social and Rehabilitation Services Commissioner). The purpose behind CARF is to watch over inpatient rehab centers, (not just for addiction but rehab centers for other health concerns too), in the nation and ensure that they are being held to exceptionally high standards.

Choices Recovery is a stalwart, powerhouse rehab center. This is a center that has pleasant amenities and a lovely campus, but the real focus here is on tailor-made wellness and recovery. Choices Recovery offers electives like music therapy, art therapy, and physical fitness, but the backbone of the program itself is a dedicated, daily focus on applying different methods and technologies to helping people beat drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

The staff at Choices Recovery are helpful, caring, loving, and compassionate people with sobriety and abstinence as their main focus for their clients. The goal at Choices Recovery is 100% sobriety for all who come there, and this is achieved with a pleasant, enjoyable, hardworking attitude being applied by clients and staff alike.

No one should have to suffer unnecessarily with drug and alcohol addiction, or with any kind of behavioral problem for that matter. Addiction is the only disease that is almost guaranteed to be fatal if it is not treated yet is 100% curable in all cases. With Choices Recovery, this achievement is possible, and the staff at Choices Recovery strongly encourage anyone who is suffering to contact them.