Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a beautiful and pleasant rehabilitation center in the Michigan countryside near Harrison, Michigan. Immersed as it is in no less than a full eighty acres of tranquil forests, fields, rolling hills, and lakes, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a luxury, residential drug, and alcohol addiction program. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is specially designed to treat individuals struggling with chemical dependency and spiritual/behavioral addiction problems through a complement of evidence-based and alternative treatment methods.

Medically-supervised detoxification is available on-site as well at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services to give people the chance to experience these treatment methods through a cleaned up and physically rehabilitated body. One cannot have rehab without first having detox, and Behavioral Rehabilitation Services offers an exemplary detox program as its first step to equally exemplary inpatient rehab.

Our Approach to Treatment

The staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services pride themselves in being able to deliver the best of the best to their clients. “It is an honor to serve you, and we will do anything and everything in our power to give you a comfortable and effective stay with us.” To ensure the most effective treatment for their clients, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services’ programming is fully customized to the needs of its clients. This is a concept among rehab centers that, though it has not yet been fully implemented into all rehab centers, is incredibly effective and beneficial for all who take it. With this kind of approach to treatment, individuals may first undergo an initial behavioral health assessment to identify what types of needs that they have when it comes to addiction recovery. BRS combines evidence-based treatment methods too, peer-led support networks, (12-Step, SMART Recovery), and various holistic treatments to help clients achieve sobriety and to equip individuals with the tools necessary to sustain a sobriety that will last a lifetime.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services strongly believes that, after the initial assessment, clients need to be able to experience a wonderful and totally qualified, customized, and essentially tailor-made approach to addiction treatment. This is done by utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, moral recognition therapy, life skills, relapse prevention, coping strategies, crooked thinking address, and many other approaches.

There are both group sessions and approaches to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services as well as one-on-one counseling. The goal of Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is to give all of their clients the opportunities to achieve full sobriety through effective treatment methods. The center’s complement of highly trained staff facilitates just that very same goal and they all help clients to effectively identify the links between irrational thinking and addictive behavior and what can lead to these debilitating crisis points and how to resolve them too. It is a very all-encompassing, all-enveloping approach to addiction treatment and every single staff member regardless of his or her position chips in and contributes to this endeavor. Even the cook offers support, guidance, and pleasant conversation to the clients.

A strong focus at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is on the family. In fact, the loved ones of the client are quite encouraged to participate in family counseling sessions and to take part in the recovering addict’s different day to day schedule items. For clients traveling to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services from far distances, family members can still be involved in the process through voice calls and video conversations.

A Wide Plethora of Services

In addition to counseling, therapy, group classes, and group support, clients participate in yoga sessions, meditation sessions, massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, physical fitness, nutrition education, and outdoor activities. On top of being educated in these areas, clients are allotted time to exercise in a gym to build their bodies back up to a well-functioning status and to receive mineral and vitamin regimens and education on these health subjects to help treat the massive nutritional deficiency that is caused by addiction.

A big focus at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is on the holistic health and rebuilding of the body. The status quo of the human body at any given time will to a great deal determine the current mental condition of the body, and when this is the case it becomes important to really take good care of the body so that one can thusly take good care of one’s mind. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services also offers clients electives like financial training, life skills, relapse prevention, coping strategies, G.E.D. prep, and other services that all equate to a better life for the client in life after treatment.

Our Staff has the Clients’ Best Interests as the First Priority

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services prides themselves on their staff. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is proud to employ a highly-qualified team of skilled substance abuse counselors, family therapists for family therapy, recreational therapists and electives coaches, a private chef, a nutritionist, detox specialists, and 24-hour support staff. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services only hires experienced, educated, and highly qualified individuals for employment at this rehab center, and the care factor and the compassion that the staff has for the clients is exemplary.

A Pleasant and Comfortable Executive Treatment Center

While Behavioral Rehabilitation Services truly believes that a rehab center is judged by its program first and foremost, it is the mindset of the Behavioral Rehabilitation Services founders that a struggling addict will have an easier time of recovering if he or she is able to do so in a pleasant and a comfortable setting and location. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is tucked back into the beautiful Michigan countryside on eighty acres of private land covered in woods and dotted with small lakes.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services creates an environment for its clients where they are able to experience upscale amenities that are immersed in a therapeutic and totally natural, peaceful environment. Clients at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services enjoy private bedrooms with flat-screen televisions, private bathrooms, and they are even allowed to bring personal laptops and cell phones to use during specified times so that they can maintain contact with their families and businesses. This level of comfort is highly conducive to a better recovery process in general.

The facility also features a gym and fitness center for both physical training and recreation alike, a private movie theatre for after-hours enjoyment, six hiking trails, spa and yoga rooms, a music studio. All of these activities, while being enjoyable in their own rights, are also strongly supportive of recovery in their own ways too. All in all, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services has a wonderful rehab program, a good detox approach, excellent staff, a beautiful facility and grounds, and an overall address of drug and alcohol addiction that is of the highest quality.

When considering addressing drug and alcohol addiction, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a great choice. Just some of the addictions addressed at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services are:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Opiate pills
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Crack cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Meth
  • Hallucinogens
  • Inhalants
  • Phencyclidine
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • MDMA
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD

This rehab center is fully equipped to address these addictions and others. With a positive address to such substances, anyone who is struggling with any type of habit can find happiness and sobriety that will last for the rest of their lives thanks to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.