A Forever Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program and center that provides excellent rehabilitation services to addicted individuals who need and want help in beating their habits. At A Forever Recovery, the staff works to give their clients the most comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in the country. They believe that no two addiction problems are the same and that only by going above and behind what is considered normal and standard in a rehab program can any center really offer an addict a true chance at achieving sobriety.

At A Forever Recovery, the staff utilizes a totally results-based and evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. They also go above and beyond the standard 30 day plan by treating their clients with the mindset that each individual addict will need as much time as they need to experience a full recovery, and since no two addicts are the same, the staff at A Forever Recovery insist upon giving each and every client as much time as they need to beat their specific drug habit permanently.

Our Mission

The mission at A Forever Recovery is to help struggling addicts medically, mentally and spiritually. They seek to effectively break the cycle of repeated visits to treatment. Most addicts who go to rehab end up having to go several times to actually make a full recovery. The A Forever Recovery groups wants their clients to come to them, receive the customizable treatment program, achieve sobriety and recovery, and never relapse or ever have to go to rehab again. In utilizing an expansive and wide addiction campus environment on a private lake, A Forever Recovery has not only the perfect setting to create a full recovery, but they also have the caring staff, the industry experience, and the clinical proficiency and veteran counselors and therapists needed to effectively treat the disease of addiction for eternity in anyone who comes to A Forever Recovery for help. The staff there actually does offer a forever recovery to their clients.

Addictions Treated at A Forever Recovery

At A Forever Recovery the staff is proficient in helping their clients address and eradicate any form of addiction. They are able to help people with different addictions because not only do they possess the necessary staff to do so, but they also have the experience necessary and the credentials to work with people who suffer with anything from heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, pill addiction, alcohol addiction, or any kind of substance abuse addiction for that matter to even sex addiction, gambling, porn addiction, internet addiction, and even food addiction. A Forever Recovery is a fully competent addiction rehabilitation center. For a look at just a few of their approaches for different addictions:

Heroin and Opiate Pain Reliever Addiction

Truly one of the most dismal and upsetting addictions out there, heroin and opiate addiction is also skyrocketing in popularity and prevalence. Heroin abuse and pain pill abuse is on the rise, and A Forever Recovery is able to meet this problem head on with medical detox and counseling and group therapy to address not only the physical aspects of the crisis but the mental and psychological ones too. Thankfully, at A Forever Recovery, they are ready and willing to tackle both heroin and pill addiction.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction, something that has always been a major problem in the nation since the 1960s, has made a reassurance after a brief period of inactivity. The staff at A Forever Recovery are proficient with addressing cocaine addiction in their clients. They approach cocaine addiction from the perspective that, while cocaine is not as physically addictive as heroin or meth is, it is an incredibly powerful drug and should be treated as such. For these reasons, the staff are fully prepared to address cocaine addiction in anyone who comes to them with such an affliction. They can do this by engaging cocaine addicts in extensive counseling and therapy to address the root causes of cocaine addiction.

Alcohol Addiction

Not a lot of people know this, but statistically speaking alcohol abuse and addiction is the number one biggest addiction concern in the United States. A Forever Recovery knows this and the staff are ready to address it. They first medically detox their alcohol addiction clients, finally for the first time giving them the opportunity to experience a life that is free of the chemical and the physical aspects of alcohol addiction. This is key as such individuals are not able to experience mental and spiritual relief until physical freedom is at hand. Once they have detoxed their clients, such individuals will experience a level of address to the mental, psychological, and personal aspects of addiction the likes of which are so all-encompassing that every single aspect of alcoholism will be addressed, the root source of it found, and the problem itself eradicated.

Meth Addiction

This is also a major, concerning, and worrisome issue in today’s day and age. Meth addiction is a big factor with the nation’s youth, and some professionals have said that this drug is even more addictive than cocaine. A Forever Recovery can address addictions to this drug too though, with a powerful detox program and tailor-made counseling segments.

Synthetic Drug Addiction

Spice, K2, LSD, PCP, Ecstasy, MDMA, these are all synthetic drugs that make a big impact on the nation. Now more than ever these too need to be addressed and eradicated preferably now before the issue gets worse. Addictions to these drugs require an extensive address into the ethics and morality of the person. This is difficult to do, but A Forever Recovery makes it totally doable.

Psychiatric Medications

Xanax, Adderall, Ativan, Prozac, Valium, etc. you name it, there’s a psychiatric drug for almost everything. One of many problems with these drugs is that they are immensely addictive. A Forever Recovery helps such individuals who are addicted to them by assisting them in finding the root cause of the mental problem that made the person think that he or she needed psych drugs in the first place, and then going on to address the problem holistically.

A Forever Recovery: The Top Choice in Addiction Treatment

The facility at A Forever Recovery is fully certified and authorized to deliver 100% perfect results to their clients. They have been certified under full CARF credentials. Founded back in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services in the fields of addiction rehabilitation and many others. A Forever Recovery has been certified with CARF for many, many years, and they also hold recognition and titles of certification within the State of Michigan and within the City of Battle Creek itself.

The aim and the mission at A Forever Recovery is to provide excellent rehabilitative services to as many people as possible when it comes to addiction recovery, and A Forever Recovery has an approach to addiction that is the best of its kind. They have a complement of caring staff, certified nurses and doctors on site, and a full entourage of skilled therapists, educators, counselors, case managers, and support staff. Truly, A Forever Recovery is a top center for addiction, and they will certainly continue to help people beat the crisis that is addiction for years to come.