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Todd’s Rehab Success

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Rehab Made Todd a Genuinely Better Person

Todd’s story started when he was young and had been struggling with addiction for a good portion of his life. Addiction had been a part of both sides of his family and caused the death of his aunt, leaving Todd and his entire family devastated. Being in the beginning stages of his addiction and feeling confused after his aunt’s death, Todd decided to take responsibility for his health and went to seek treatment. Although he was willing to get help, he felt as if he was not getting the aid he needed. The program he entered had taught him that addiction was a disease, that he was powerless and that relapse was part of recovery, which made sobriety difficult. He used these new ideas as justifications to get high for the next ten years, because if he was powerless and relapse was part of recovery, why not get high again? However, this mindset eventually shattered when Todd lost everything that was close to him, resulting in his decision to enter a local treatment program and take another shot at tackling addiction.

Why Other Programs Failed Todd

Again, he had full intention of beating his addiction and becoming in control of his life again. He was told a second time that he had no power over his addiction and that relapse was part of recovery, meaning that it was inevitable. Todd ended up relapsing again, justifying his actions with what he was taught during treatment. In the span of one year, he entered three programs at least twelve times. As he left the twelfth rehab center, he was determined to always be an addict and accepted that decision.

Due to his decision, the next eight months were worse than ever before. Without being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, he had become a slave to his addiction. Luckily, his mother pushed through his doubts and decisions of being a drug addict forever and suggested he try to get help one last time. Homeless and not in the best shape in terms of health, Todd told his mother he would get help if she picked the program. He knew he needed something other than the typical 12-step program, so he told her to choose one that had different values. Within a couple of hours, she had found a program and had Todd call the facility. Todd agreed to enter the program after talking with one of the staff members at the rehab. Little did he know this rehab would be the one to change his life.

Although he was apprehensive about being so far from his home town, he arrived and was greeted with open arms by the staff; he felt welcomed from the moment he walked in the door. At that moment, he realized he was going to be okay and that he was going to finally beat addiction. Todd had astronomical wins and gains while he was in treatment and was able to repair his bad behavior he had with his parents, sister, in-laws, and most importantly his wife and children.

Going to treatment changed Todd’s life and gave him a chance to live an honest, clean life. Not only is he drug and alcohol free, he is also a genuinely better personal and is finally happy. Taking control and turning your life around in any case is no easy feat, but is especially difficult when drugs and alcohol are involved. Todd was able to find a rehab facility that catered to his needs and had great results that will allow him to have a long and happy recovery.


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