Substance abuse has stricken the nation in a way that has never been experienced before. Quite literally according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the addiction crisis in the nation is now worse off than it ever has been before in the history of the nation.

Addiction is devastating and harmful to say the least. That much is common knowledge. However it does not have to be a permanent affliction for anyone who is addicted to it, especially not you, your spouse, your son or daughter, or anyone you know who might be addicted. Oddly enough, addiction is the only human disease that is almost guaranteed to be 100% fatal in those who do not seek out treatment but it is 100% curable in all individuals who are addicted if they do make an effort to beat the addiction.

The key to beating an opiate addiction, an alcohol addiction, a heroin addiction, or any addiction of any kind for that matter and really the only way to beat an addiction is with the help of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization and nothing less than that. There are a lot of different approaches to treatment, but the actual composition of the rehab program does not make as much of a difference as the need for the rehab to be an inpatient one does. This is what is needed to address the crisis permanently and really only inpatient rehab will do.

With effective inpatient treatment, anyone who is addicted to anything, even something as heavily addictive as opiates, heroin, meth, alcohol, or pills even, can actually go free from their addiction once and for all and lead free and clear sober lives for the rest of their lives. This is exactly what you want for yourself, for your spouse, for your son or daughter, or for whoever it is that you are seeking help for, but sometimes it will take a great deal of work to get to the point where either you or your loved one is ready and willing reach out and try to attain just that.

Success Found at Spiritual Rehab Centers

The “spiritual” approach to addiction treatment is needed and necessary and is quite desired by those who are interested in trying it out because it offers such a universal approach to addiction treatment. The spiritual approach can be described as a universal human experience that everyone needs to have at some point. Spirituality is a connection between one’s mind, body, and innate personality. It is a secular approach to addiction treatment that can be met with many different successes and can be approached from many different angles. A spiritual method of counseling or therapy in treatment is a totally customizable and malleable approach to addiction treatment.

Spiritual approaches to addiction treatment usually involve things like:

  • Education on spiritual principles
  • Development of a relationship with a higher power
  • Participation in religious study, prayer or mediation
  • Drug addiction education
  • Drug counseling
  • Help with detoxing through the withdrawal process
  • Group therapy and religious studies
  • Relapse-prevention training

All of the above techniques and methods are pursued from a very spiritual, holistic perspective. The backbone of a spiritual approach to addiction treatment would be in a counseling segment, usually done one on one, that focuses on the individual recovering addict using meditation and spiritual study to find the root of his or her drug and alcohol addiction crisis. This is the ultimate when it comes to addiction self discovery, and it is probably the best method to use when trying to get to the bottom, root cause of one’s addiction crisis.

Using Research Data to Increase Awareness

One of the reasons why only about ten percent of drug and alcohol addicts are actively seeking out rehab for their addiction problems is because not enough addicts and their families actually know about the true data that surrounds addiction and everything that goes into that. True enough, addiction is actually a serious and somewhat terrifying issue to say the least and it has been for some time now. If more people knew about it, the desire for addicts to seek out spiritual approaches to addiction treatment would be much higher. For a quick look at some of the facts regarding this issue:

  • In the year of 2015, about 18.9 million people of the ages of 12 or older (7.1 percent of them in fact) misused prescription psychotherapeutic drugs in the past year alone. This number included about 12.5 million people who misused pain relievers in the past year (4.7 percent), 6.1 million who misused tranquilizers (2.3 percent), 5.3 million who misused stimulants (2.0 percent), and 1.5 million who misused sedatives (0.6 percent) all in all. However, most people (84.1 percent, who used prescription drugs in the past year did not misuse them. But the truth is that for those who did misuse them, the consequences were dire and deadly indeed.
  • Past year users and abusers of other substances were more likely to have misused prescription drugs, and often for a very, very illegitimate reason too. For example, 72.1 percent of past year heroin users and 5.9 percent of past year alcohol users misused pain relievers in the past same year too. Adults of the age of 18 or older who did not have mental illness in the past year were less likely than adults with mental illness to have misused prescription drugs in the past year too. Sadly more often than not those who take these drugs for recreational purposes do end up getting addicted to them.
  • In the year of 2015, no less than 2.1 million people of the age of 12 or older were recent initiates for pain reliever misuse and abuse and addiction (i.e., misused for the first time in the past year), 1.4 million were recent initiates for tranquilizer misuse, 1.3 million were recent initiates for stimulant misuse, and 425,000 were recent initiates for sedative misuse, to break the numbers down exactly. On average, recent initiates aged 12 to 49 initiated the misuse of prescription drugs in their early to late and even mid-twenties.

Spiritual Rehab for All

Anyone who wants to seek out rehab for themselves or for a loved one should be able to do so. Spiritual approaches to addiction treatment are very broad and very varied, so there should be a chance for anyone who wants such treatment to be able to get it, especially if he or she is willing to travel to get such help. Drug and alcohol addiction is something that is only about thirty percent physical, the rest is mental. The mental aspects of drug and alcohol addiction need to be addressed by those who are addicted to such substances going through a rehab program that at least offers some kind of spiritual track, even if the rehab program itself is not by nature a spiritual rehab.

Holistic and spiritual approaches to addiction treatment are becoming so popular now that any kind of approach that does not include something along this line is thought to be pretty unpopular. With a spiritual track included at a quality rehab center though, one stands a good chance at being able to get down to the bottom of his or her true addiction crisis. A spiritual approach to addiction treatment can be engaged upon by anyone of any religious background who is addicted to anything. It truly is the most universal method of addressing addiction that there is. With this approach, big changes can be made in any individual’s life.

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