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Rehab Was the Answer to Andrew P.

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Rehab Was the Answer to Andrew P.’s Prayers

Before Andrew arrived at rehab, he was homeless and robbing people so he could get his next heroin fix. He was in such a mess that his friends had left him and his family no longer trusted him, leaving him with himself on the streets. The fact that he was homeless, and everything leading up to that point, made him feel like his only option was to get high so he could relieve at least some of the pain he was feeling. Before he knew it, heroin had taken over his life completely and felt as if it were his only friend.

When Andrew entered rehab, he had doubts that it would work for him as it was his 13th rehab center. He thought that if the other 13 didn’t work, there wasn’t a single rehab center that would allow him to stay clean for a long period of time. He felt as if his addiction was going to be around for life. Although Andrew felt like a failure from his past attempts at getting sober, he noticed there was something different about this rehab. He was able to overcome some of the most difficult parts of his life that he had never truly looked at before. Through the help of the staff members and other patients, he was able to solve some of the problems that got him into using heroin in the first place and was able to forgive himself for everything he had done to himself and others, which was one of the most challenging things he had done.

The hardest lesson Andrew had to learn was taking responsibility for his actions. It may sound simple, but it was an eye-opening moment when he realized that he had created the situation he was in. After realizing this, he started to make amends to his friends and family. He now has recovered friends he had lost due to his addiction and proved that he was a changed man. He has also strengthened the relationships between him and his family members and he has been welcomed back into the family.

While Andrew has been able to overcome a lot while he was in rehab, he still has things he is working to overcome on a daily basis. He finds it difficult when his friends want to go to a party or when his family members are unaware of things that act as triggers for him. However, the applicable tools he learned in rehab has helped me to remain sober and openly communicate about his addiction so that others can have a better understanding of what he’s going through. Andrew felt as if his prayers were answered during this last stay in rehab and intends to stay sober for as long as possible.

What Andrew Recommends for Recovery

Andrew advises anyone who is struggling with a substance abuse problem to seek help as soon as they can. Although it may seem like the only thing that is making you happy, he can assure you that there are far better things in the world that can make you a much happier person. Andrew knows first hand how ugly addiction is and how it can turn a person’s life upside-down. He wants to encourage everyone to become aware of what addiction is and how they can be involved in helping others become clean and sober. Andrew never thought he would be happy, but after being in a rehab that was a good fit for him, he is happier than he has been in a very long time.