Executive and Luxury Rehab

Executive and Luxury RehabDrug and alcohol addiction is a devastating occurrence that no man or woman, no matter who they are, should ever have to face down or experience. Substance abuse takes lives left and right, and the issue is now a nation-wide epidemic of catastrophic proportions to say the least. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had this to say about substance abuse in today’s world:

“Drug and alcohol addiction in the United States is now worse off than it ever has been before. We’ve never, ever seen it get this bad. The crisis and the issues that abound from substance abuse now seem to have taken a hold on the United States that have sure enough shown no sign of going down, dropping down, or discontinuing in any way, any time soon. We have officially labeled the current addiction problem in United States as an epidemic. We have never advanced the problem to this level of severity before.”

Obviously, this issue is a concerning one. When drug and alcohol addiction becomes this serious of an issue one has to start to wonder just what needs to be done to correct it or to at least try to get some kind of a handle on it. The crisis and the issues don’t seem to go down as the years go by, they only get worse. On the other hand, we as a people do have methods of addressing such issues, but these are often not taken seriously and are not really focused on in the way that they should be focused on.

Facts and Statistics

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) is responsible for researching, surveying, categorizing, and codifying the drug and alcohol addiction problems and the effects that those problems create. Some of the key issues pertaining to inpatient addiction treatment (the most successful approach to addiction problems) have been listed below to provide the reader with context:

  • The two by far most commonly reported reasons for not receiving substance use treatment among people of the age of 12 or older who needed but did not receive treatment at a specialty facility, (despite perceiving a need for treatment actually), were that they were not ready to stop using or that they had no health coverage and could not afford the cost of treatment. First and foremost though was their unwillingness to give it up. Among all adults and among adults with mental health problems who had a perceived unmet need for mental health care but did not receive mental health services in the past year to begin with, the most commonly reported reason for not receiving mental health care was not being able to afford the cost of care, though a lot of them do admit to not really wanting the care to begin with.
  • In the year of 2014, about 227,000 (0.9 percent), adolescents aged 12 to 17 received substance use treatment in the past 12 months, which was similar to the numbers in most years from 2009 through 2013. In 2015 though, only 200,000 received help, even though the numbers of those addicted skyrocketed.
  • An estimated 13.7 percent of adolescents in 2014 received mental health services in a specialty mental health setting in the past 12 months, which was higher than the estimates in 2007 to 2012 and was similar to the estimate in 2013. Most of these youths also suffered with addiction problems. Among the 2.8 million adolescents in 2014 who had a past year major depressive episode (MDE), 41.2 percent received treatment for depression, which was similar to the percentages in most years from 2004 to 2013 but which spiked in 2015.

The Infinite Benefit of Executive, Luxury Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there is really only one way to effectively combat and address a true addiction crisis and problem. This is with the time-tested, tried and true method of putting those who are addicted through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations. There is no doubt about it; these programs take the cake when it comes to fighting against addiction and actually freeing an individual from the trap that is addiction. This quote from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration really just hits the nail on the head when it comes to these issues:

“Substance abuse is the worst it’s ever been. This is a very concerning issue. We have observed the nation gradually worsen year after year since the turn of the century with this problem. Now more than ever we feel that the best way to address it is with inpatient, residential, addiction treatment centers. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are doing nothing good for anyone by not seeking out help for yourself or for the one that you care about.”

With words like these, it becomes apparent that now more so than ever the nation needs to focus on rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and more rehabilitation. Effective rehabilitation is best achieved with inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations. These are the necessary and needed ones that provide the most help and the best chance for anyone at recovering from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general.

There are many, many reasons why executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers are the best choice for anyone struggling with addiction. Some of the more impacting reasons are:

  1. Executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers offer inpatient, medical detoxification centers as the first step of their program. No one wants to go through rehab while still chemically hooked on drugs and alcohol. In fact, most rehab centers won’t even let you or your loved one in unless detoxification has already been completed somewhere else. Executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers do this as a part of their program.
  2. Executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers offer a warm, comfortable, pleasant, and private setting with excellent food, comfortable rooms, and pleasant amenities for after-hours enjoyment. A rehab is not supposed to be a vacation. However, addicts are so often deprived of the basic pleasantries of life that they are not able to confront their issues because their most basic survival needs are not being met. Executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers change all of that by giving recovering addicts a very pleasant and comfortable place to face down addiction and get rid of it for good.
  3. Executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers have the best counseling services, therapists, and treatment approaches and methodologies out there. These folks have gotten it right when it comes to addressing addiction and they really do know what they are talking about in this arena and in this field. Without a doubt, luxury inpatient rehab is a very ideal location for getting the highest quality services out there. Executive, luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers are not for everyone. However, those who are addicted should seriously consider such approaches, as for most addicts this is the key to beating addiction once and for all.