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Ann M. Overcame Peer Pressure to Find a Life of Sobriety

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Ann M. Overcame Peer Pressure to Find a Life of Sobriety

Prior to being in rehab, Ann had a hard time staying clean. She was easily influenced by her friends and thought that being sober was a bad thing. This had caused her to use more than she originally wanted to and before she knew it, her life was centered around drugs and alcohol. The only friends she had were those who were in the party scene and her family didn’t condone her behavior, making their relationship suffer. Ann knew that she didn’t like who she was becoming and that she needed to make a change in order to be able to live a life that she was proud of.

Later, Ann entered rehab and noticed a significant difference in herself after she had been on her treatment program for awhile. She was able to learn many methods that would help her stay clean and she realized that she needed to change the people she hung out with as this was the main source that prevented her from living a life of sobriety. She knew that she needed a new group of friends who were on a similar path as she was and weren’t all about parties, drugs and alcohol. Ann learned that she needed to learn how to set boundaries with certain people, which she feels she is able to do better. Most of all, Ann realized that it is okay to be sober and that there is nothing wrong with it. She noticed how many support groups were in her area, which made her feel less alone on her journey; she knows that she’ll always have people to go to for advice or support.

Rehab Gave Ann the Life Skills She Lacked

Ann found her entire time in rehab to be very beneficial, but the one thing that she found the most meaningful out of everything else, were the tools that she learned and can apply in real life to make sure she stays on track. She also found that all of the staff members and other patients were key to her success in rehab. Without the understanding and patience of the staff, she wouldn’t have been able to make it through, and without having other patients to talk to and relate to, she would’ve felt alone in the process of it all. Ann feels forever grateful for the opportunity to get clean and sober, once and for all.

Now that Ann has completed her treatment program, life feels much more enjoyable. Although there are still things she needs to overcome, such as not getting into situations that would make her fall for peer pressure again, she knows that with the tools she learned, it would be very hard for anyone to get her to use again. Ann has felt more confident with herself and her decisions than ever before.

When Ann was asked to give advice to those who may be in a similar situation as she was, she mentioned that the best thing for anyone who is struggling with being clean is to not try to do it on your own. It’s almost impossible to get and stay clean without support. There are so many factors involved, such as who you hang out with, how you deal with your own thoughts, how you deal with others, how you overcome difficult situations, etc. There’s almost no way for someone to be able to figure it all out on their own and that’s why rehab is there. It’s to guide you out of the mud and give you the tools to really stay clean for good.


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