About U.S. Addiction Services

U.S. Addiction Services is a progressive provider and leader in the field of substance abuse treatment that continues to seek effective and efficient ways to treat the proliferation of alcohol and illicit drug abuse throughout the country. We encourage you to learn more about U.S. Addiction Services and what we can offer those looking to begin a drug-free life.

We focus specifically on the ramifications of recovery for each individual, the family system, as well as long-term positive societal roles and functions.

Our treatment approach works to overcome the major underpinnings of substance abuse; such as self-worth, interpersonal boundaries, biological or physiological components, emotional health, negative thoughts and beliefs, social constructs, environmental obstacles, family history, and traumatic events. Evidence-based individual and group counseling, medication management, and supportive services are tailored to fit the unique needs of each individual while promoting healthy and sustainable recovery.

Our Goal is Recovery Through Individual Empowerment and Family Healing

At U.S. Addiction Services, we strive to address the personal needs of each of our clients and offer individualized treatment options. Our dedicated staff works with each client one-on-one to ensure long-term success in their recovery process. We understand that recovering from an addiction is not easy; it is a challenging and emotionally intense process. As a result, we believe in providing each individual with the care and respect they deserve. It is with this spirit of compassion, combined with our staff’s skillfulness, that we inspire, nurture and empower our clients to change their own lives.

Although the primary focus of treatment at U.S. Addiction Services is drug and alcohol abuse, other behavioral issues are also addressed utilizing a multidisciplinary approach. Upon admission, every patient is assigned a primary counselor, support staff, individualized target groups, and a customized Cognitive Behavioral program. Thus, each patient is provided a specific treatment team responsible for initial and ongoing assessment, therapy, individual treatment planning, and aftercare development.

The U.S. Addiction Services multidisciplinary team is made up of a Medical Director, Addictionologist, Registered Nurses, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Certified Addiction Professionals, and Behavioral Health Professionals. The treatment team is supervised on a daily basis by the Medical and Clinical Directors and Executive Officer.

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At U.S. Addiction Services we have a program that will empower and help you begin the path to recovery.

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South Bend, IN

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Serenity Point Recovery

Marne, MI

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